New derivatives of 2-oxoindolin-3-glyoxylic acid - amid and ether , and their comparative antihypoxic


  • E. L. Toryanik National University of Pharmacy



2- oxoindolin- 3-glyoxylic acid, different types of hypoxias, mechanism of antihypoxic action


Results of comparative antihypoxic  activity of amid and ether – new derivatives of 2- oxoindolin- 3- glyoxilic acid among various types of hypoxia are presented in the article. It is indicated that they give evidence of antihypoxic property among all basic types of hypoxia. When acute hystotoxical and acute hemic hypoxias existed their effectiveness was higher than effectiveness of medicine of comparison of mexidol. Antihypoxic activity of ether, amid and mexidol was almost identical on experimental models of acute normobaric hypoxia and acute hypobaric hypoxia. It is suggested that mechanism of antihypoxic activity of new derivatives of  2- oxoindolin- 3-glyoxylic acid is stipulated by means of stabilization of cellular membrances, optimisation of cellular respiration and reduction of sensitivity of tissues and oxygen deficiency. 


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Pharmacology and biochemistry