The investigation mechanisms of the hydroxycitric acid therapeutic effects under the experimental insulin resistance in rats


  • A. L. Zagayko National University of Pharmacy
  • A. I. Shkapo National University of Pharmacy
  • T. O. Briukhanova National University of Pharmacy



insulin resistance, tumor necrosis factor-α, resistin, adiponectin, hydroxycitric acid


As a result of studies have shown that prolonged intraperitoneal injection of dexamethasone in low doses and its combination with high-calorie diet leads to formation of the insulin resistance syndrome in rats. Against of this pathology background was observed adipose tissue growth, which was accompanied by an increase in blood glucose, corticosterone and the imbalance of the cytokine profile (tumor necrosis factor-α, resistin and adiponectin), which are synthesized by adipocytes. It was shown that a daily intragastric hydroxycitric acid administration during 3 weeks leads to normalization of these indicators: reduced serum glucose and corticosterone, eliminating adverse changes in cytokine profile. Healthy animals, which were kept on a standard vivarium diet had no change studied parameters on the prolonged hydroxycitric acid used background.


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Pharmacology and biochemistry