Assessment of glucose and glycogen content after administration of aqueous extract from lemna minor frond in experimental hypothyroidism


  • A. G. Kononenko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • V. N. Kravchenko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



aqueous extract from Lemna minor frond, experimental hypothyroidism, sodium perchlorate, thyroid hormones, glucose, glycogen


Experimental study of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the aqueous extract from Lemna minor frond on carbohydrate metabolism in hypothyroid rats carried out. Experimental hypothyroidism in rats induced by introduction of a 1% solution of sodium perchlorate instead of drinking water for 20 days. After 20 days, the experimental group of animals with hypothyroidism treated with aqueous extract from Lemna minor frond at a dose of 0.5 ml/100 g body weight and with reference drug Iodomarin at a dose of 12 mg iodine/kg. The results of studies showed evident corrective effect of aqueous extract from Lemna minor frond on synthetic thyroid function and carbohydrate metabolism in hypothyroidism, which manifested itself in the normalization of thyroid hormones, increasing glucose in blood serum and reducing liver glycogen content. Thus, the aqueous extract from Lemna minor frond can be attributed to hypothyroid state and carbohydrate metabolism regulators and is promising for its effectiveness further study.


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Pharmacology and biochemistry