Influence of prolonged exposure to lipoflavon on fibrinolytic activity in rats


  • O. M. Horoshko Bukovinian State Medical University
  • I. I. Zamorskyy Bukovinian State Medical University
  • O. S. Shpychak National University of Pharmacy
  • N. S. Bohdan Bukovinian State Medical University
  • A. O. Palamar Bukovinian State Medical University
  • V. M. Drachuk Bukovinian State Medical University



kidney tissues, blood plasma, fibrinolysis, Lipoflavon


Topicality. The fibrinolysis system is closely connected to functional activity of the kidneys. That is why characteristic of fibrinolytic system of blood and other organism fluids is necessary for objective evaluation of kidneys condition, particularly in case of emergencies.
Aim. To analyse influence of Lipoflavon on fibrinolytic activity in urine, blood plasma and kidney tissues in its dynamics in case of prolonged exposure of a physiologically normal organism to influence of this medicine.
Materials and methods. The experimental study has been performed on albino laboratory rats. The research animals were divided into the following groups: 1 – control group, 2 – animals treated by Lipoflavon. The medicine was administered intra-abdominally at a dose of 370 mg/kg corresponding to 10 mg/kg of quercetin equivalent. The animals were killed at the 24-th hour, at the 48-th hour, at the 967-th hour and on the 7th day of the experiment. The materials under study were urine, blood plasma, blood serum and kidney homogenates. Tissue fibrinolysis in kidneys, urine and blood plasma was evaluated by means of determination of azofibrin lysis combined with evaluation of overall, nonenzymatic and rated enzymatic fibrinolytic activity.
Results and discussion. The study performed showed that changes of fibrinolytic activity in organisms of rats were present after administration of Lipoflavon. After prolonged exposure stronger influence of Lipoflavon on fibrinolytic activity of rats in blood plasma and urine became apparent, while its influence in kidney tissues was less significant. It is to mention that the strongest effect of the drug was observed during the first hours of the experiment; it was gradually decreasing in the course of the following seven days.
Conclusions. The quercetin preparation “Lipoflavon” increases fibrinolytic activity in organisms of healthy rats. The strongest influence was registered in blood plasma and urine.

Author Biographies

O. M. Horoshko, Bukovinian State Medical University

Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Pharmacy

I. I. Zamorskyy, Bukovinian State Medical University

Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, head of the Department of Pharmacology

O. S. Shpychak, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy, associate professor of D. P. Salo Department of Pharmaceutical Technologies

N. S. Bohdan, Bukovinian State Medical University

Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, assistant of the Department of Pharmacy

A. O. Palamar, Bukovinian State Medical University

Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, assistant of the Department of Pharmacy

V. M. Drachuk, Bukovinian State Medical University

assistant of the Department of Pharmacy


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Pharmacology and biochemistry