Analysis of the main socio-economic characteristics of ACE inhibitors and their consumption trends in Ukraine




arterial hypertension, ACE inhibitors, assortment, availability, consumption of ACE inhibitors in Ukraine


Topicality. Arterial hypertension (AG) – one of the most common chronic diseases of the human XX-XXI centuries. According to population surveys, over 30 % of the adult population in Ukraine have high blood pressure (AD), and in the elderly, the prevalence of hypertension is 40-45 %. Arterial hypertension is present in 47 % of patients with ischemic heart disease (CHD) and causes 54 % of deaths among them.

Aim. To research an assortment, socio economic availability and consumption of ACE inhibitors in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for the last four years (2014-2017).

Materials and methods. Analysis of the range and cost of drugs in the Ukrainian market was carried out according to the analytical system Pharmstandard of the company Morion. Data on the consumption of the investigational medicinal products were determined using the recommended WHO ATS/DDD methodology, which uses the widely used Anatomic Therapeutic Chemical Classification System (ATS) and a specially designed DDD (Defined Daily Dose), which is used predominantly in studies on consumption of medicines. To analyze the socio-economic accessibility of ACE inhibitors, the solvency adequacy ratio (Са.s.) was calculated, which must be spent on the course of treatment.

Results and discussion. Analyzing the pharmaceutical market of preparations of the ACEI group in Ukraine for the period from 2014 to 2017, 11 INNs and their 17 fixed combinations were established, based on which 296 THs are submitted in 2017, 281 in 2016, in 2015 – 290 TN, 2014 – 284 TN. The study of the ACEI assortment shows that during 2014-2017, the number of drugs on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market has changed insignificantly. A study of the availability of ACE inhibitors showed that high-availability drugs are represented among four INNs: Captopril, Spirapril, Zofenopril, Enalaprilat. To inaccessible ACE inhibitors are INN: lisinopril, Perindopril, Ramipril. The increase in the availability of ACEI is facilitated by the increase in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine the number of generic drugs. During the study period, an increase in the consumption of monopreparations and combined ACE inhibitors has been established, which indicates an improvement in the quality of treatment of patients with AH.

Conclusions. For 2014-2017 there was an increase in consumption of both mono preparations and fixed combinations of the ACEI group. The number of domestic generic drugs has increased, and their accessibility for the population. The most popular among doctors were preparations of foreign-made ACE inhibitors.

Author Biographies

L. V. Iakovlieva, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, professor, head of the Department of Pharmacoeconomics

A. V. Skryshevska, National University of Pharmacy

5-th year student of “Clinical pharmacy” specialty

N. Ya. Muzyka, Bukovinian State Medical University

candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Pharmacy


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