The pharmacological safety of a combined pharmaceutical composition for the correction of placental dysfunction in pregnant women

N. Seliukova, S. Kustova, M. Kudrya, N. Ustenko, M. Boiko, T. Matveeva


Topicality. Along with the pronounced pharmacological effectiveness, high requirements for the safety are applied to new medicines. To obtain the necessary information regarding the safety of a potential drug and predict the risk of further side effects, a preclinical study of possible toxic effects, primarily acute toxicity, is performed.

Aim. To study the acute toxicity of a new pharmaceutical composition for the correction of placental dysfunction in pregnant women.

Materials and methods. The study object was the pharmaceutical composition in the form of solid gelatinous capsules containing active pharmaceutical ingredients from basic therapeutic group of drugs used for fetoplacental dysfunction in pregnant women. The acute toxicity was determined according to the methodological guidelines “Preclinical studies of drugs” edited by A. Stefanov, in outbreed female rats weighing 200-250 g in compliance with the “European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals used for Experimental and other Scientific Purposes” (Strasburg, 1985).

Results and discussion. The study of the pharmaceutical safety has been performed by the acute toxicity criterion under the condition of short-term influence of a new pharmaceutical composition combining the required pharmaceutical ingredients in well-balanced doses affecting different chains of pathogenesis of placental dysfunction. Under the condition of the acute experiment a new combined composition (intraperitoneal introduction in the dose of 5000 mg/kg of the body weight) does not cause changes in the rat’s organism. It has been determined that this pharmaceutical composition belongs to practically nontoxic substances – Toxicity Class V according to the generally accepted classification system.

Conclusions. The data for the preclinical safety assessment of a new combined composition for the correction of placental dysfunction in pregnant women have been obtained.


pharmaceutical safety; pharmaceutical composition; nonfetotoxic active ingredient; placental dysfunction


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