The screening studies on the hypoglycemic action new amide derivatives of dicarboxylic acids


  • N. G. Vakhnina National University of Pharmacy



malonic acid, oxalic acid, hypoglycemic action


The article have been devoted to screening tests hypoglycemic action of 43 new derivatives of malonic and oxalic acids. Studies carried out on rabbits with normal blood glucose. The studied compounds were administered at a dose of 1/20 LD50. Comparison drug was chosen bucarban a dose of 50 mg / kg. The relationship "structure - hypoglycemic effect" have been installed for new derivatives of dicarboxylic acids - amides of malonic and oxalic acids. A promising for further research is a compound under the laboratory code number 21, which is at a dose of 13,3 mg / kg shows a pronounced hypoglycemic effect on the level of the reference drug bucarban a dose of 50 mg / kg.


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Pharmacology and biochemistry