No 1(42) (2016)

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Table of Contents

Review articles

The topical areas of creation and improvement of probiotics (review) PDF (Українська)
S. V. Kalinichenko, O. O. Korotkykh, I. Yu. Tishchenko 4-10
Stomach cancer: a modern state of the issue, risk factors, early diagnosis PDF (Українська)
A. L. Zagayko, T. O. Brukhanova 11-14

Biopharmaceutical research

Investigation of the effectiveness of antimicrobial preservatives to improve the structure of the medical cosmetic cream with anti-inflammatory action v PDF (Українська)
V. I. Horlachova, L. I. Vyshnevska 16-20

Pharmacology and biochemistry

Studying of behavioural reactions at introduction caffeine, carbamazepine and their compositions in the conditions of the formalin edema in rats PDF (Русский)
L. V. Lukyanova 22-26
The screening studies on the hypoglycemic action new amide derivatives of dicarboxylic acids PDF (Українська)
N. G. Vakhnina 27-30
Interaction of Aegopodium podagraria L. (goutweed) preparations with central nervous system depressants PDF
O. V. Tovchiga 31-36
The studying of antioxidant activity of salts 2-((4-R-3-(morpholinomethylen)-4H-1,2,4-triazole-5-yl)thio)acetic acids PDF (Українська)
R. O. Shcherbyna, O. I. Panasenko, Ye. H. Knysh 37-48
Data of liver tissue morphometric investigation of the rats of different ages on the base of chronic alcohol intoxication and after quercetin and L-arginine L-glutamate introduction PDF (Українська)
L. O. Yarovenko 41-44

Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy

Synthesis and biological activity of derivatives of 2-((4-(piperidine-1-yl)phenyl)amino)-2-oxoethyl 4-piperazine-1-carbodithioate PDF (Русский)
T. A. Suleymanov, Yusuf Ozkay, C. Y. Shukurov 46-50
Phytochemical and pharmacological study of the distillation extract from Salvia officinalis leaves PDF (Українська)
G. V. Vovk, M. M. Myga, O. M. Koshovyi, Yu. V. Verkhovodova, I. V. Kireev 51-54
Study of organic acids in the alcoholic extract from bilberry leaves PDF (Українська)
I. O. Kolychev, T. O. Krasnikova, A. L. Zagayko, O. M. Koshovyi 55-57
The antibacterial activity of complexes of Veronica longifolia herb PDF (Українська)
A. M. Kovaleva, A. P. Osmachko, N. V. Kashpur, I. V. Grudko 58-62
Study of phytocomposition of medical plants on functional indicators of cardiovascular system PDF (Українська)
L. V. Ocheredko, V. V. Hnatiuk, T. N. Kryuchkova 63-65
Study of acute toxicity of Prunus domestica leaves extract and organic acids in raw material PDF (Українська)
L. V. Lenchyk, I. V. Senyuk, Bashar Al-Jabbar Ali Sahlani 66-72

Microbiological research

Study of antimicrobial qualities of antiseptic remedies, which contain decamethoxin PDF (Українська)
O. O. Gonchar, O. A. Nazarchuk, D. V. Paliy, I. V. Kovalenko, O. V. Yatsula 74-77
[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]quinazolin-5-one deriva tives as antimalarial agents PDF
S. Yu. Danylchenko, S. S. Kovalenko, O. G. Drushlyak, S. M. Kovalenko, L. Maes 78-83