Data of liver tissue morphometric investigation of the rats of different ages on the base of chronic alcohol intoxication and after quercetin and L-arginine L-glutamate introduction


  • L. O. Yarovenko National Pirogov Memorial Medical University



chronic alcoholic liver disease, morphometric analysis, quercetin, L-arginine-L-glutamate


This article contains data about morphometric parameters of studies liver tissue in rats of different age periods females with chronic alcoholic liver disease and on the background of pathogenetic correction using quercetin and L-arginine-L-glutamate in the experimental conditions. Results showed that chronic alcoholic liver disease accompanied by morphometric changes of the hepatocytes’ diameter and their nuclei, nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio, stromal-parenchymatous ratio, the related volume of damaged hepatocytes and related volume of dual-core hepatocytes. According to morphometry, the biggest changes undergone liver parenchyma in immature and old animals. More pronounced hepatoprotective effect on the structure of the liver showing L-arginine L-glutamate, which is confirmed by the presence of a number of strong direct correlation.

Author Biography

L. O. Yarovenko, National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

кафедра патофізіології, ст.лаборант


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Pharmacology and biochemistry