The study of the organic acids in dry extract of ledum palustre shoots


  • T. V. Upyr National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



Ericaceae, Labrador tea, organic acids, dry extract


Labrador tea shoots has long been used in folk medicine as an antispasmodic, diuretic, diaphoretic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, soothing and antitussive remedy. In general it is due to the presence of terpene compounds, phenolic
compounds, tannins and other substances in the plant material. “Ledin” was the only one medicine that was produced from this raw material. It based on the essential oil and used as antitussive remedy. But for now, just only packed raw materials remain on drugstores shelves. That is why it is necessary to obtain standardized, dry extract from this raw material. We have already studied phenolic compounds essential oil, amino acids and polysaccharides in this plant. So the next step of our research was to investigate the composition of organic acids in dry extract of labrador tea shoots. By PC method the malonic, malic and citric acids were identified in dry extract. By chromatographymass
spectrometry method the 26 organic acids were identified in dry extract. Total content of them was 296.16 g/kg. The dominant compounds were levulinic acid (9.62 %), malic acid (4.48 %), citric acid (8.46 %) and 4 oksy benzoic
acid (2.03 %). Obtained results of the investigations of the qualitative composition and quantitative content of organic acids in dry extract from Ledum palustre shoots show prospects for further research and the possibility of developing new drugs and will be used for future standardization of the extract.


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Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy