The choice substantiation of the concentration of water-soluble protein-polysaccharide complex of Оyster mushroom for the soft medicinal form withanti-scarring action


  • O. Kolpakova Institute of Chemical Technologies, V. Dahl East Ukrainian National University
  • N. Kucherenko SI “Lugansk State Medical University”
  • O. Hanina SI “Lugansk State Medical University”



concentration of the active substance, ointment, water-soluble protein-polysaccharide complex, microscopy


Topicality. The problem of scar formation therapy is quite urgent. It is connected with presence of large number of patients having this pathology, the frequency and unpredictable appearance of scars, which significantly impairs the person quality of life and causes a great deal of inconvenience.
Aim. To establish the optimal concentration of active substance for the soft medicinal form with anti-scarring action.
Materials and methods. Modeling of the effect of water-soluble protein-polysaccharide complex (WSPPC) on a cartilage of chicken with followed microscopic examination was performed to assess the impact of this substance effect on collagen fibers. Micropreparations were prepared and stained in accordance with well-known methods.
Results and discussion. During a microscopic examination it was found that under the influence of an active substance hyaline cartilage is destroyed due to the intercellular matrix destruction and an increase in the area of cartilage cells. Morphometric evaluation of the results showed that the introduction of 5 % WSPPC in the composition of the soft dosage form will provide the desired degree of lysis of the connective tissue and the corresponding pharmacological effect of the medicine.
Conclusions. During the study the optimal concentration of the active substance was established, which is sufficient for the manifestation of influence on the connective tissue and in the future will provide an anti-scarring effect of the created medicine.

Author Biographies

O. Kolpakova, Institute of Chemical Technologies, V. Dahl East Ukrainian National University

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies

N. Kucherenko, SI “Lugansk State Medical University”

PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Drug Technology, Organization and Economy of Pharmacy with Pharmacology

O. Hanina, SI “Lugansk State Medical University”

Assistant of the Department of Biology, Histology and Embryology


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Biopharmaceutical research