No 1(62) (2020)

Table of Contents

Review articles

Organizational principles of a veterinary pharmacy using the example of “The Animal Pharmacy” (Australia) PDF
T. Yarnykh, V. Pul-Luzan, O. Rukhmakova 06-10

Biopharmaceutical research

Study of the stability of combined vaginal suppositories containing acyclovir, Tea tree and Thyme essential oils during storage PDF (Українська)
V. Chushenko, T. Yarnykh, Yu. Levachkova, O. Litvinova 12-17
Study of the molecular mass fractions distribution of porcine placenta aqueous extract by the method of highly efficient gel permeation chromatography PDF (Українська)
L. Ivanov, O. Shcherbak, L. Derymedvid, V. Kravchenko, O. Bezugla 18-24
The choice substantiation of the concentration of water-soluble protein-polysaccharide complex of Оyster mushroom for the soft medicinal form withanti-scarring action PDF (Українська)
O. Kolpakova, N. Kucherenko, O. Hanina 25-29
Research of quality indicators and stability of herbal species for mastopathy therapy PDF (Українська)
S. Zuikina, L. Vyshnevska 30-36

Pharmacology and biochemistry

Antidepressant activity of Calluna vulgaris L. (Hull.) herb extracts PDF (Українська)
G. Starchenko 38-42
The experimental study of the «Arthritan» drug influence on the induced and spontaneous pain reactions PDF (Українська)
Yu. Naboka, N. Zubitska, I. Zupanets, S. Shebeko, I. Otrishko 43-49
The role of glia in the mechanisms of neural protection of the fixed combination of ipidacrine hydrochloride / phenibut on the background of drug-induced liver injury PDF (Українська)
Yu. Kharchenko, N. Bondarenko, A. Serdiuk, G. Ushakova, V. Zhyliuk 50-60
Comparative research of the nephrotropic properties of modern non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs PDF (Українська)
K. Shchokina, D. Semeniv, S. Drogovoz, G. Belik, T. Kutsenko 61-66

Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy

Study of flavonoids dynamic accumulation in the Siberian pea tree shoots PDF (Українська)
S. Stepanova, V. Boynik, T. Gontovaya, O. Filatova 68-71
Morphological and anatomic structure of Rhododendron luteum Sweet leaves PDF (Українська)
T. Gontova, V. Gaponenko, K. Proskurina, V. Rudenko, O. Levashova 72-77