Organizational principles of a veterinary pharmacy using the example of “The Animal Pharmacy” (Australia)


  • T. Yarnykh National University of Pharmacy
  • V. Pul-Luzan National University of Pharmacy
  • O. Rukhmakova National University of Pharmacy



veterinary pharmacy, principles of work, dispensing of veterinary drugs


Topicality. To date, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, vacations of veterinary preparations are not standardized. Antibiotics and vaccines for animals are available without a prescription. As an example of the organization of the sale of veterinary drugs was considered the work of the pharmacy “The Animal Pharmacy” in Australia.
Aim. To studying the organizational principles of a veterinary pharmacy using the example of “The Animal Pharmacy”.
Materials and methods. In our work we used information search databases, foreign sites and scientific articles, as well as methods of analysis and generalization of information.
Results and discussion. Рharmacy “The animal pharmacy” is a pharmaceutical company providing prescription and over-the-counter medicines for all types of pets, horses and livestock. Over-the-counter drugs include the following preventive agents: for dental health, against fleas and ticks, vitamins and minerals, premium pet food, and others. Prescription veterinary medicines for all animals (dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals, farm animals and horses) include drugs of certain therapeutic effect. Prescription forms are downloaded online directly to the pharmacy website.
Conclusions. Organizational principles of the veterinary pharmacy have been studied using the example of The Animal pharmacy (Australia). It is shown that implementation of veterinary drugs in Australia are regulated at the legislative level, and their dispense is carried out according to the prescription and without it. The data obtained from the analysis can be used to develop procedures for regulating the circulation of veterinary drugs in Ukraine.

Author Biographies

T. Yarnykh, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy, Honorary Professor, Head of the Department of Drugs Technology

V. Pul-Luzan, National University of Pharmacy

PhD, assistent of the Department of Drugs Technology

O. Rukhmakova, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy, associate professor of the Department of Drugs Technology


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