No 3(60) (2019)

Table of Contents

Review articles

The modern state of orally disintegrating tablets development PDF (Українська)
I. V. Zupanets, O. A. Ruban, T. E. Kolisnyk 6-12

Biopharmaceutical research

The substantiation of the method for introduction of lysozyme hydrochloride and ascorbic acid in the composition of the medicated chewing gum “Lysodent C” PDF (Українська)
Yu. S. Maslii, O. A. Ruban, T. E. Kolisnyk, O. A. Liapunova 14-22
Substantiation of auxiliary substances of in the composition of tablets with dry extract of zingiber officinale PDF
Walid Ahmad Alkhalaf Malek, O. A. Ruban, O. V. Kutova, N. A. Gerbina 23-28
Study physico-chemical and biopharmaceutical properties of poor soluble substances for predicting composition and technology of solid dosage forms PDF (Українська)
O. E. Schykovskiy, T. V. Krutskikh, A. A. Chehrynets 29-36

Pharmacology and biochemistry

Determination of conditionally therapeutic dose of dry extract from Salat Crop leaves on a model of tetrachlormethane lesion of liver in rats PDF (Українська)
V. P. Pyda, L. S. Fira, P. G. Lykhatskyі 38-43
Impact of succinate derivatives on oxidant/ antioxidant balance system in the rat pancreas and liver PDF
I. А. Palagina 44-50
Influence of melatonin introduction on the state of glutathione system and the level of hydrogen sulfide in blood of rats with alloxan induced diabetes mellitus PDF (Українська)
N. M. Luhinich, I. V. Gerush 51-56
The effect of “Melanizol” suppositories on electrolytes level in rats on the background of experimental vaginitis PDF (Українська)
O. V. Dolzhykova, L. M. Maloshtan 57-62

Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy

Study of phenolic compounds in the Feverfew Herb by TLC and HPLC methods PDF (Українська)
K. R. Hordiei, T. M. Gontova, A. G. Serbin, A. G. Kotov, E. E. Kotova 64-70
Carboxilic acids of Nigella Sativa and N. Damascenа seeds PDF (Українська)
M. I. Shanaida 71-76
Research of the phenolcarboxylic acids of Helichrysum bracteatum PDF (Українська)
A. M. Moskalenko, N. V. Popova 77-82