No 4(61) (2019)

Table of Contents

Biopharmaceutical research

Study of antimicrobial preservative efficiency in gels with Sapropel extract PDF (Українська)
O. Strus, N. Polovko, L. Strelnikov 04-08
Study of the size and shape of lisinopril dihydrate particles and auxiliary substances in order to obtain optimal pharmaceutical-technological properties of tablet mass PDF (Українська)
O. Saliy, V. Bessarabov, G. Kuzmina, A. Babenko 09-16
The study of physicochemical and pharmacotechnological properties of active substances in the composition of sublingual tablets PDF (Українська)
O. Yakovenko, O. Ruban 17-22
Justification of the composition of troches based on the organoleptic indicators assessment PDF (Українська)
K. Semchenko, L. Vyshnevska, N. Polovko 23-26

Pharmacology and biochemistry

Study of the Reishi mushrooms dry extract hepatoprotective properties PDF (Українська)
I. Herasymets, L. Fira, I. Medvid 28-34
Toxicological study of the new gel containing oak bark extract and aloe extract under long-term use PDF
D. Zhurenko, N. Tsubanova 35-40
The effect of atristamine on prooxidant-antioxidant balance in the rat brain after traumatic brain injury PDF (Українська)
I. Podolsky, D. Lytkin, S. Shtrygol', V. Tsyvunin 41-47
Anti-inflammatory activity of a combined gel based on plant components in a model of adjuvant arthritis in rats PDF (Українська)
V. Postoy, O. Koshova, L. Vyshnevska 48-54
Research of antiexcudative activity of the dry extracts of Iris hungarica leaves and rhizomes PDF (Українська)
G. Kerimova, A. Krechun, V. Rybak, O. Mykhailenko, V. Kovalev 55-58

Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy

Extraction and purification of curcuminoids from Curcuma longa L. rhizome PDF (Українська)
D. Pylypenko, Yu. Krasnopolsky 60-64
Research of the organic acids in Helichrysum bracteatum raw materials PDF (Українська)
A. Moskalenko, N. Popova 65-69
Нydroxycinnamic acids of sea buckthorn PDF (Українська)
L. S. Naumenko, N. V. Popova, L. A. Bobrytska 70-74

Microbiological research

Investigation of combined gel antimicrobial activity for the treatment of oral cavity infectious-inflammatory diseases PDF (Українська)
D. Orlenko, V. Yakovenko, O. Grankina 76-80